Apple released a new font, New York, with iOS 13. Is it possible to set it in CSS for web content, like using -apple-system for San Francisco?

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font-family: -apple-system-ui-serif, ui-serif;



I was able to reference the fonts on my MacBook with these:


Others may exist, but these are the only ones that worked for me. I did install the font from their developer page before testing, but I'm not sure it's needed - it may be included with Catalina. I'm not sure how the names map to the fonts - my system shows NewYorkExtraLarge, NewYorkLarge, NewYorkMedium, and NewYorkSmall, while the filenames (that I could find) are NewYork.ttf and NewYorkItalic.ttf - there may be others, though.

I tried the same thing in the latest iOS simulator, but none of them worked there.

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