I am using springboot with html pages. When i click a link (which is just a redirect a href) to navigate to next page the springboot shows whitelabel error page. Springboot check for the requestmapping when i clicking a a href. I want to disable this. when i click a link i dont want the springboot to check for the request mapping.

  • So if the rerquest mapping doesn't exist what exactly is meant to happen??? – Alan Hay Sep 21 '19 at 8:38

Path Matching and Content Negotiation

Spring MVC can map incoming HTTP requests to handlers by looking at the request path and matching it to the mappings defined in your application (for example, @GetMapping annotations on Controller methods).

By default, Spring Boot serves static content from a directory called /static (or /public or /resources or /META-INF/resources) in the classpath or from the root of the ServletContext. It uses the ResourceHttpRequestHandler from Spring MVC so that you can modify that behavior by adding your own WebMvcConfigurer and overriding the addResourceHandlers method.

In a stand-alone web application, the default servlet from the container is also enabled and acts as a fallback, serving content from the root of the ServletContext if Spring decides not to handle it. Most of the time, this does not happen (unless you modify the default MVC configuration), because Spring can always handle requests through the DispatcherServlet.

You have to define the behavior of fallback method.

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