• I have build a FIPS capable openssl library.
  • Openssl Version 1.0.2t and FIPS object module 2.0.16.
  • I was reading the user guide for FIPS object module which told that the last step in building a program with FIPS capable openssl was to use fipsld to link my program with openssl rather than gcc/ld as it computes sha1sum of fipscansiter.o using fipsprelim.c.
  • After this I need to call FIPS_mode_set(1) which enables fips mode.
  • This works if I am generating a executable. But in my project we provide a static library to our customers and we resolve all dependencies at our end, so we unpack libcrypto.a using ar x libcrypto.a and add all the openssl object files to our static library libapi.a.
  • There is one class(API_DigitalSignature.cpp) which is build as a wrapper around openssl api for digital signature.

Now the problem is I am confused on how should I use fipsld in my project because I am not generating a program but rather just an archive?

Also I clarified with some security persons that unpacking libcrypto.a doesn't affect FIPS validation unless we are changing any ciphers.

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