I have an online gta san andreas server and have recently changed the game mode, but when a user tries to create a new account to play with these errors appear below:

Blockquote [13:41:34] [ERROR] ID: 1364 - Error: Field 'Sexo' doesn't have a default value - Callback - OnQueryFinish - Query: INSERT INTO usuarios (username, password,posX,posY,posZ,vida,money,banco,skin,Registro,Email,EMS,Edad) VALUES ('Onion_Games','91752300','1715.5295','-1900.1307','13.5664','100','6000','10000','250','22/09/2019','oniongames@gmail.com',1,23)

how can i fix this?

  • Run SHOW CREATE TABLE usuarios and edit the question and add the details of this query. Most likely, your Sexo column in the table is an enum with no default value defined, and your INSERT query is not explicitly entering it as well; that is why the error. – Madhur Bhaiya Sep 22 '19 at 16:55

This error indicates that:

  • when inserting, you did not provide a value for field Sexo
  • this column was defined as NOT NULL when the table was created, and no default value was defined

Possible solutions are:

  • provide the value when inserting
  • set up a default value in the definition of the table

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