I am new to IntelliJ Community edition. Can anyone help me with creating spring boot project in intelliJ Community edition. For ultimate edition there is spring-boot initializer but I cannot find anything for community edition. I followed this links but cannot find any solutions


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You can install a plugin called Spring Assistant: Spring Assistant Now you can use the initializer as: Using initializer Personally, however, I use Spring initializer at start.spring.io

EDIT: Adding run configuration
Select Edit Configuration from the Run menu Run menu Now in the dialog box, lick on the + button and select Application. Run Configuration dialog Now you just need to provide the name of the main class. You could click on the browse button(...) to get a list of files having main(...). Select class with main()

  • See my answer above if anybody is not able to find Sprint Assistant while searching in Plugins in IntelliJ IDEA Community. Jul 2, 2021 at 15:57

If you have done your spring project with SPRING IO

Then You can import it as maven project and follow this steps to import spring project

  1. Open IntelliJ IDEA

  2. You can see Welcome screen, click Import Project. The Select File

  3. Navigate to your Maven project and select

  4. Click OK.


Pretty simple, as both link you attached say you created your project with Spring Initializr, and if it is a maven project, then follow these steps mentioned below:

  • click on File option
  • click Open option
  • navigate to your project and choose pom.xml file [it not a maven project, choose your configuration.xml file, if something else, just select the project folder]
  • press Ok. And you are done
  • now, open idea terminal and run mvn clean install(I assume you have installed maven) or, just select project->right click->choose maven-> click on Reimport maven option. Now run mvn clean build All are set now.

Extending @Prashant's answer

If you are not able to find Spring Assistant plugin within IntelliJ Community Edition, Go to Plugin's website and then click on GET button, Choose Compatibility with IntelliJ IDEA Community and then click Download.

Spring Assistant Plugin Website

The rest of the procedure remains the same as described by @Prashant.

Also if you want to change your Port, then select Modify Options and select Add VM Options, and paste


in that VM Options textbox and then run the application.

Modifying Configuration for port

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    "Plugin 'Spring Assistant' (version 0.12.0) was explicitly marked as incompatible with the current version of the IDE"
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  Just go to the below mentioned:


Fill the information regarding Project(Maven, Java, spring-version(Select version only have digits(for eg:2.6.2))). Don't select "snapshot" version.

Fill project Metadata information and click on Generate file. It will create jar file. Unzip it and open your IntelliJ and select "Open->select this Unzip folder and select "pom.xml" file inside this package and open as project.


You can follow these steps.

  1. Click on Add / Edit configuration enter image description here

  2. Then select configuration type as application. enter image description here

  3. Fill in appropriate details. Note: In place of <no module> add directory / module in which the entry class is present. enter image description here

  4. Save the configuration and click on Run / Debug symbol shown in first screenshot.

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