I have the following directory structure:

├── a/
├── b/
├── a.md
└── b.md

I want to remove the dist/a folder & dist/b folder (basically all subfolders) with the help of rimraf package using globs.

I have installed rimraf globally as so npm i -g rimraf.

I tried doing rimraf dist/**, rimraf dist/*, rimraf dist/**/, rimraf dist/**/* but it complete wipes out everything inside dist/ directory.

I know I can do individually like rimraf dist/a && rimraf dist/b but I want to use globs since there are many directories in my Node project. Also, this is a part of an npm script but just to give an example I made a short usecase :)

Anyway to do it cross-platform? I also found del package which is quite similar to rimraf but can't get it to work either :(

  • What exactly do you want to achieve? do want to keep a.md and b.md only? do you want to remove all subfolders? or keep specific ones? – Oron Ben-David Sep 23 at 6:42
  • Maybe try with rimraf !(dist/*.md) – Ankit Agarwal Sep 23 at 6:42
  • @OronBen-David i want to delete all sub-folders – deadcoder0904 Sep 23 at 6:45
  • @AnkitAgarwal thanks I actually don't know which file extensions will be there so i'll try rimraf !(dist/*.*) to see if it works. edit: just tried, it doesn't work. gives number expected error. also tried with *.md but doesn't work either :( – deadcoder0904 Sep 23 at 6:46
  • @deadcoder0904 yeah you can try that and if it works I will post this as an answer for other guys who might face the same problem – Ankit Agarwal Sep 23 at 6:47

You can simply use rimraf dist/*/ to remove all the subfolders within a particular folder.

This will remove subfolders and will preserve all the other extensions file.

  • OMG, thanks it worked. I was doing rimraf dist/**/* because that's how globs work but it didn't. Your solution worked 🙌 – deadcoder0904 Sep 23 at 7:26

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