Every typescript decorator need to define this?What does this mean?Why not set this default in typescript language or developer need to write this every time.

function classDecorator<T extends {new(...args:any[]):{}}>(constructor:T) {}

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A decorator needs as a parameter an object including a constructor. This object can instantiate different classes, that is why you have to use a generic function. That is why you need a function which looks like this function classDecorator<T>(constructor:T) {} Where the T is replacing by a class or a type. for example, you can call the function like this: classDecorator<MyClass>(myClass) (See more about Generics here: https://www.typescriptlang.org/docs/handbook/generics.html).

In order to restrict the type classes that classDecorator can use, you specify it after the extends: extends {new(...args:any[]):{}. You are basically saying that your class need a constructor in its definition through this (new...).

Upon my knowledge, it is not set as default template simply because the decorator pattern is not specifically defined in typescript definition as well as many other existing patterns.

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