I've WSO2 IS 5.8.0. Email OTP is enabled on my setup. I've tried to add user using scim as given in the documentation. As below:

curl -v -k --user admin:admin --data '{"schemas":[],"name":{"familyName":"jackson","givenName":"kim"},"userName":"kim","password":"kimwso2","emails":[{"primary":true,"value":"kim.jackson@gmail.com","type":"home"}]}' --header "Content-Type:application/json" https://localhost:9443/scim2/Users

I've kept only one entry in email array as primary:true. The use is added to WSO2 but I can't see it's email address is to be updated which causing an issue while logging in using Email OTP (as It's not able to find email address)

Here is the screenshot of profile details of above user: enter image description here

How to update the email as well to the users we create using scim ? Also what's the API to update roles for the same while creating user ?


After making some changes into request json body, I'm able to reflect this on CARBON Users Profile UI.

curl -v -k --user admin:admin --data '{"schemas":[],"name":{"familyName":"jackson","givenName":"kim"},"userName":"kim","password":"kimwso2","emails":[{"primary":true,"value":"kim.jackson@gmail.com"}]}' --header "Content-Type:application/json" https://localhost:9443/scim2/Users

I've removed the key "type":"home" from emails array & it has reflected as expected.

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