I am trying to run Javascript in Jupyter Notebook (unless there is an equivalent notebook in JS where I can test my scripts easily) and for instance I want to run the following:

import pixiedust_node
var date = new Date();

In order to install everything I tried:

pip install pixiedust , pip install pixiedust_node , conda install -c akode pixiedust , jupyter pixiedust install

and still, when I am trying to load the code in Jupyter, I am getting this:

enter image description here

and after trying this: conda install -c anaconda nodejs or even this: conda install -c conda-forge nodejs


you can actually try to use https://github.com/n-riesco/ijavascript as the kernel for the notebook instead of using node over python

  • I have installed python2 and python3 kernel and JS worked. I can't run Python3 in jupyter though. I don't see any kernel option for Node.js either – Datacrawler Sep 23 '19 at 22:13

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