I am trying to deploy some expressjs code to Now like this video show me, specially this part https://youtu.be/aqiJQaPDy7o?t=2942 and I get some error like this:

C:\Users\username\Desktop\forum\server>now Deploying ~\Desktop\forum\server under username Using project server Error! Your package.json file is missing a build property inside the script property. More details: https://zeit.co/docs/v2/advanced/platform/frequently-asked-questions#missing-build-script


I must create a script to build? Why? I am sending a json on my main express route, I don't have an interface. In the video, he has no build script, because he is creating the front end on VueJS.

How can I fix it?


Whenever you deploy your app, say in Heroku or Zeit(now) applications start building from build parameter in scripts key. It defines what language or system is yours.

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    How can I do that? with a flag option? or any configuration in Zeit? I am using ExpressJS – Diesan Romero Sep 27 '19 at 18:27

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