I would like to enable the WSO2 Carbon 5.5 audit logs. I have followed these documents to get the audit.log enabled, but nothing appears to change.



I am however not seeing any special errors in the wso2carbon.log, although my audit.log is completely empty.

I also tried requesting for Groups & Users https://localhost:9443/wso2/scim/Users in the hope of something would get audited, but still no luck.

  • Try adding a new user (Through SCIM or management console) and check the audit logs. – Jayanga Kaushalya Sep 24 at 9:31
  • Yes, I did that. But the audit logs don't change. I tried adding, deleting. Even accessing through the localhost:9443/wso2/scim/Groups – Shawn Sep 24 at 13:47


The following note in the above doc.

In order to use this feature, apply the WUM update for WSO2 IS 5.5.0 released on 2018-11-28.

This feature is available as a WUM update only (for subscription users). Open source users have to switch to the latest version WSO2 IS 5.8.0 to use this.


This doc also says the following.

The UserManagementAuditLogger is responsible for adding audit logs during the execution of successful user management scenarios, and the UserMgtFailureAuditLogger handles the audit logs during the failure scenarios. Follow the instructions below to enable the improved audit logger introduced with the WUM update.

This available for open source usage from the 5.6.0 version.

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