I have to send some data to the WordPress REST API to create a new booking. The WordPress installation uses a plugin called 'Soho Hotel Booking' and is responsible for managing all the bookings on the WordPress side.

After I mirrored the GET response to create a new booking as I'm hitting the POST API route, a new booking is created but the _booking_meta fields are always staying empty (I'm able to fill title and slug). The _booking_meta fields have to be filled out to create a proper and correct booking.

I tried getting it work with several plugins and approaches: The most promising one was REST API Custom Fields, setting the 'show_in_rest' => true parameter and the register_rest_route function. But none of them worked.

Has anyone some experience with posting data via the WordPress API into a custom post type with custom fields?

This is the body I send to WordPress including the custom post type named booking which represents some custom fields called _booking_meta:

  "id": 92089,
  "date": "2019-08-31T00:55:05",
  "date_gmt": "2019-08-30T22:55:05",
  "status": "publish",
  "type": "booking",
  "title": {
      "rendered": "[iCal][15.02.2020 – 22.02.2020]"
  "meta": [],
  "_booking_meta": {
      "check_in": "2020-02-15",
      "check_out": "2020-02-22",
      "first_name": "",
      "payment_method": "",
      "amount_paid": "0.00",
      "ical_data": {
          "DTSTART": "20200215",
          "DTEND": "20200222",
          "SUMMARY": " CLOSED - Shane"
      "booking_status": "2",
      "outstanding_amount": "0",
  "_wp_page_template": ""

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