When I tried to deploy my react app as a war on tomcat I faced many issues and after investigating I did the following:

1) npm run build

2) took the outcome from build directory and put it under WebContent folder of My DynamicWebProject

3) Deployed that project on tomcat from eclipse

But it didn't work for me, and following these links:



I did exactly what was suggested but it still didn't help. So I decided to create a new app from scratch and try it, and with the new app it works as expected.

Now I'm trying to understand what is wrong with my app! I had created this sandbox (not fully connected - just for showing my components and site structure): https://codesandbox.io/s/upbeat-fermi-0hblu

(I had an older sandbox which is fully connected and showing a demo but it's not updated with most recent changes: https://codesandbox.io/s/fragrant-morning-267l5 just in case you want to see how the app should look like)

from first sandbox if I generate build (npm run build) using the AppTest component and deploy it (with tomcat), it work as expected, but if I do the same with App component it's showing an empty page with no errors and nothing happens (if I serve it with: serve -s build, it works fine)!!! the problem is only with tomcat.

What is wrong with my App component?


If I add links to components within the router and then click on these links, the components are loaded... but automatically they are not (assuming the "/" should load it's component):

 import React, { Component } from 'react';
import './App.css';

import Main from "./components/Main";
import Login from "./components/Login";
import ProjectCustomize from "./components/ProjectCustomize";
import {BrowserRouter, Link, Route, Switch} from "react-router-dom";

class App extends Component {

    render() {

        return (
            <div className="App">

                <BrowserRouter basename={process.env.REACT_APP_ROUTER_BASE || ''}>
                            <ul className="nav">
                                <li><Link to="/">Homepage</Link></li>
                                <li><Link to="/login">Login</Link></li>
                                <li><Link to="/customize">Customize</Link></li>
                        <Route path="/" exact component={Main} />
                        <Route path="/login" component={Login} />
                        <Route path="/customize" component={ProjectCustomize} />
                        {/*<Redirect path="*" to="/" />*/}



export default App;


If I use HashRouter instead of BrowserRouter the site start responding, but when redirecting to other page I'm getting 404!

But still, HashRouter is ugly cause it's putting # in the url.


As a workaround to try to see something at least, If I replace in my index.js with for example then the page is shown, but I can't route to other pages for sure. If I use the within my index.js and inside the App component I have both the router and the component then the rendering is showing both components one on top of the other. So, I'm in a case that in order to see something from a deployed war need to give some content and not only router, but that cause problems


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