How can we connect outlet with the table view custom cell class in storyboard? As in earlier Xcodes, there is a button to open two windows in storyboard screen but in new Xcode that button is missing. Please guide how to achieve that functionality.


Click here (1), and then select the file in the right panel that appears (2), step 1 and 2 in the image, then you can connect outlet as always ;)

enter image description here


Here you have how to open the tab to drag the outlets from the view to the viewController in Xcode11

Here you have how to open the tab to drag the outlets

Here you have the result

Here you have the result

Hope it helps.


You Can also hold the option button and left-click on the file you want to open, that way, it manually opens. This is for Xcode 11


For me, the clean-and-build did not work, but the restart-of-xcode did the trick.

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