Is there any documentation on how to install/setup Driverless AI on a High-Performance Computing (HPC) environment, so I can request few nodes (with GPU each one) and have DAI take advantage of it?


here are the available installation instructions: http://docs.h2o.ai/driverless-ai/latest-stable/docs/userguide/installing.html

here's the Linux in the Cloud section: http://docs.h2o.ai/driverless-ai/latest-stable/docs/userguide/install/linux-in-the-cloud.html

  • Is there any conda env recipe that could be used? – Guillermo E Ponce-Campos Oct 4 at 5:48
  • @GuillermoEPonce-Campos are you referring the DAI python client package? anaconda.org/h2oai/repo and documentation here docs.h2o.ai/driverless-ai/latest-stable/docs/userguide/…. – Lauren Oct 4 at 15:10
  • Thanks, I'll check that. I want to setup h2o.jar and DAI in an HPC system. So far the h2o.jar is working in one node but still struggling to make it work with 4 nodes. I've tried the -flatfile and -network parameters and still not able to make it work. I did a question regarding this in the h2o gitter channel, are you in there? – Guillermo E Ponce-Campos Oct 5 at 17:36

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