After upgrading to Visual Studio 16.3.0 (Visual Studio for Mac 8.3.1805) Autofac throwns an exeception when doing builder.Build() in a project that previously worked:

The type 'Autofac.Features.Indexed.KeyedServiceIndex'2' does not implement the interface 'Autofac.Features.Indexed.IIndex'2'

With this release of Visual Studio (and maybe earlier versions too), iOS is compiled using Mono and I suspected that this might be what is introducing the braking change. Alternatively the linker behaves differently with the latest tool-chain. All I can say is that this used to work and now it doesn't.

Following these guidelines is not sufficient: Cross-Platform and Native Applications

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To work around the issue, first make sure that Autofac is installed both in the iOS project, Android and the .NET Standard shared project, then choose one of these two options:

  1. Set the linker to Don't link or Link Framework SDK's Only
  2. Or, you can; add --linkskip=Autofac (case sensitive!) to the Additional mtouch arguments in iOS Build found in the iOS project properties.
  3. Or, you can; create a Custom Linker Configuration file, which I btw think is the best option if you need linking. It's a little bit more work, but when using a Linker Description file the compiler will give you usable feedback when you build, if you've made a mistake like misspelling an assembly etc. Also, the Linker Description file has an identical format across Android and iOS.

Note: Option 2 and 3 will only increase your app size a small amount, as it will ensure that all of the Autofac assembly is included in your app package, while all other assemblies not specified as part of 2 or 3 will continue to be linked.

I assume that the needs for one of these work-arounds is an indication that Autofac is currently not linker safe.

  • If I am not wrong it has been linker unsafe for more than 3 releases
    – FreakyAli
    Sep 26, 2019 at 10:04
  • May I ask something? Documentation says, that you have to specify in linkskip assembly name without extension. But assembly name includes also version number, for example Autofac.6.4.0. It is not necessary too?
    – Rafael
    Jan 31 at 19:29

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