I have an assignment that wants me to find schools in an area that have an enrollment greater than 500. I've input this: "zipcode" = '10002' OR "zipcode" = '10003' AND "enrolled" > 500. But with this, instead of results being over 500, I also get results less than 500. I've also tried AND NO < 499 and that hasn't worked as well.


You immediate problem is that you need parentheses. However, you should learn to use IN, because that also fixes the problem:

where "zipcode" in ('10002', '10003') and "enrolled" > 500

Without parentheses, your version is interpreted as:

where "zipcode" = '10002' or
      ("zipcode" =  '10003' and "enrolled" > 500)

The condition on enrolled only applies to zip code 10003.

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    Thanks a lot, Gordon Linoff. Everything is now working as it should! – SophisticatedCheese Sep 26 '19 at 21:19

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