I am trying to upload my app to TestFlight, which using CoreNFC (NDEF).

Unfortunately, I got the error message on Testflight Validate part in (SDK version 13 and 13.1).

I already tried this: Xcode 11 beta can't upload app to TestFlight

but it will Lose NDEF function this: https://stackoverflow.com/a/58128365/5588637

Error messages: Invalid entitlement for core nfc framework The sdk version 13.0 and min OS version 13.0 are not compatible for the entitlement 'com. Apple developer nfc. Readersession formats because NDEF is disallowed
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I have solved the for iOS 13 TAG entitlment and NDEF is disallowed by:

  1. Remove remove "NFC Data Exchange Format" row from the Entitlement. Entitles
  2. Add to the info.plist "ISO7816 application identifiers for NFC Tag Reader Session" and the value for item 0 is should be "com.apple.developer.nfc.readersession.iso7816.select-identifiers"

Attached are a few pictures.


  • I tried once to remove the NDEF before the function will affect the nfc. stackoverflow.com/questions/57530604/… But the magic is when I try the second time, NFC function is work, I don't know why it doesn't affect the nfc function... – CH Wing Sep 28 at 14:06
  • Check the Entitlement and make sure. – Josean Maya Nov 4 at 15:54

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