I take a Magento project and when i run x debug I have an exception because libsodium is not installed then I went to install libsodium.
I then follow this tutorial https://lukasmestan.com/install-libsodium-extension-in-php7/ (because I have php 7.2 as it is a Magento project) and ... it didn't work out :(
When I do :

sudo pecl install -f libsodium  

I have the problem :

checking for libsodium... configure: error: Please install libsodium ERROR: `/var/tmp/libsodium/configure --with-php-config=/bin/php-config' failed

Do someone had the same problem ? I mean installing libsodium is what I want to do and for do that I need to install libsodium XD
If someone have a solution I would really be glad.
PS: in case of minus please let me know why so that I can improve my post

  • I am not sure about Centos but I use PHP 7.3 with Debian 10. Try installing PHP 7.3 on Centos. – Saud Iqbal Sep 28 '19 at 20:48
  • @SaudIqbal unfortunalty I need libsodium for a Magento product which need php 7.1 (because Magento need my_crypr php library which is deleted from php 7.2 as far as I read in doc) – user10989117 Sep 30 '19 at 7:21

Ok the solution was simple instead of looking on internet with useless installation process simply do :

 sudo yum --enablerepo=remi-php72 install php-sodium
  • I recommend to enable the repo permanently, as it provides only PHP, which will avoid more issues with future extensions. See the wizard: rpms.remirepo.net/wizard – Remi Collet Oct 1 '19 at 9:48

For CentOS: 8, PHP 7.3 to install php-sodium, use:

dnf install php-sodium
  • Won't work, since it is not part of CentOS repos! you must be using some third party repos like remi – Fahad Alduraibi Jan 7 at 9:48

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