I have a lot of files in a directory named *.mkv.bin e.g.:

American Pie 1.mkv.bin

I want to rename these files using a to delete .bin as follows:

American Pie 1.mkv
@echo off
color 0a
title Stack Overflow Answer

set /p f=File to rename(drive and path):
set /p e=Extension to rename to:
set /p nf=File name to rename to:
echo Renameing...
@ren "%f%" "%e%.%nf%"
cls && echo Done! && pause >nul

add this text a rename.bat file and run it!

  • not working, you can example. – showkubii Sep 28 at 0:51
FOR /R "I:\" %%f IN (*.mkv.bin) DO REN "%%f" "%%~nf"


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