My Search Filter is not working as I have one Input Field for Search in which I want to Search by Employee Number or Employee Name

My Search Filter Code (Pipe)

   import { Pipe, PipeTransform } from '@angular/core';

  name: 'searchEmployee'
export class SearchEmployeePipe implements PipeTransform {
  transform(items: any, filter: any, isAnd: boolean): any {
    if (filter && Array.isArray(items)) {
      let filterKeys = Object.keys(filter);
      if (isAnd) {
        return items.filter(item =>
          filterKeys.reduce((memo, keyName) =>
            (memo && new RegExp(filter[keyName], 'gi').test(item[keyName])) || filter[keyName] === "", true));
      } else {
        return items.filter(item => {
          return filterKeys.some((keyName) => {
            console.log(new RegExp(filter[keyName], 'gi').test(item[keyName]) || filter[keyName])
            return new RegExp(filter[keyName], 'gi').test(item[keyName]) || filter[keyName] === "";
    } else {
      return items;

My html is

<div class="search-employee-input-div">
    <input type="text" placeholder="Search Employee" class="employee-list-searchbox" [(ngModel)]="employeeSearchQuery" [ngModelOptions]="{standalone: true}" />

<li formArrayName="Employees" *ngFor="let emp of payrollProcessingList.Employees | searchEmployee: { EmployeeID: employeeSearchQuery, FullName: employeeSearchQuery }: false; let i = index;" class="emp-li-loop"></li>
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TL;DR; In order to make your pipe work, you will need to make it pure: false and you should not be doing that !

  name: 'searchEmployee',
  pure: false

Pipes reason is performance, impure pipes are a performance issue. Angular used to have a filter pipe but not anymore angular.io :

Angular doesn't have a FilterPipe or an OrderByPipe for reasons explained in the Appendix of this page.

Try to use RxJS to implement the filtering feature.

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  • Thnx for reply, but it dosent work, actually my filter always return the first object – Ahmer Khan Sep 27 '19 at 14:33
  • You probably also need to pass multiple parameters instead of an object, the object reference doesn't change and pipe doesn't get executed. Also the real answer is "don't use pipes for filtering, it's bad" – ibenjelloun Sep 27 '19 at 14:39
  • Stackblitz link please check – Ahmer Khan Sep 27 '19 at 14:46
  • it always return me the first object – Ahmer Khan Sep 27 '19 at 14:47
  • If u have any alternate solution please help me out of this – Ahmer Khan Sep 27 '19 at 14:48

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