After I installed Plesk premium Mail, I found that RAM consumption is so high, it crashes the server (16 gb RAM).

beam.smp is the process and this is the full command:

/usr/lib64/erlang/erts- -Bd -- -root /usr/lib64/erlang/lib/kolab_guam-0.9.4 -progname usr/lib64/erlang/lib/kolab_guam-0.9.4/bin/guam -- -home /opt/kolab_guam/ -- -noshell -noshell -noinput -boot /usr/lib64/erlang/lib/kolab_guam-0.9.4/releases/0.9.4/guam -mode embedded -boot_var ERTS_LIB_DIR /usr/lib64/erlang/lib -config /usr/lib64/erlang/lib/kolab_guam-0.9.4/releases/0.9.4/sys.config -name kolab_guam@ -setcookie kolab_guam -pa -- foreground

90% ram Now

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