I am using Xcode11

I am getting following error, when I try to use a framework in a SampleAppSwift project:

dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/VoiceSampler.framework/VoiceSampler

Referenced from: /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/7ECB8715–2964–47B6–9F75–056F32846019/SampleAppSwift.app/SampleAppSwift

Reason: image not found

In the SampleAppSwift project, under Build Settings, I tried setting 'Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries' to YES. That did not help.


I had same problem. You should add a Copy File phase in your Build Phases as follows:

Under Build Phases, click on + icon to add new phase, and select New Copy Files Phase.

Drag the newly created Copy Files phase above Compile Sources phase

In the new Copy Files phase, select Frameworks for Destination drop down.

Leave subpath blank. Let be default Copy only when installing.

Under the table, click '+' and then select your Framework, i.e. VoiceSampler.framework

Make sure Code Sign on Copy is checked (ticked).

Do a clean build.


enter image description here

General->Frameworks, Library, and Embedded Content. If it's "Do Not Embed", change to "Embed Without Signing".


There is another simpler solution which worked for me if you are using Cocoapods.

In your Podfile, add use_frameworks! after your Target line like this -

target 'YourAppName' do

Basically it adds all your pods as a framework in your framework folder.

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