a few of my objects now have 'missing' scripts on them, and I can't remember which script they once were.

I can't just delete them because I don't want to lose their the fields. I don't know why, but according to my experience, the invalid scripts may still remember its public field values. If I find the correct script type, the fields will come back.

I find an article about this but still don't understand:

How do I programmatically find name of missing script?

He uses Component.GetType(), but the missing scripts are null. I can't use GetType() of a null, is it? But someone says that article solves the problem. I am sure I missed something.

I really hope to find their types, or at least some hints, like public fields.


The import settings of a GameObject in a scene should be stored in the scene file. Simply search for the name of the GameObject in the meta file and you should see all the import settings including serialized values and components.

For example, here is a truncated version of the MainCamera GameObject (along with extra components on the object) extracted from the .unity (scene) file:

--- !u!1 &1834266099
  m_ObjectHideFlags: 0
  m_PrefabParentObject: {fileID: 0}
  m_PrefabInternal: {fileID: 0}
  serializedVersion: 5
  - component: {fileID: 1834266104}
  - component: {fileID: 1834266103}
  - component: {fileID: 1834266102}
  - component: {fileID: 1834266101}
  - component: {fileID: 1834266100}
  - component: {fileID: 1834266105}
  - component: {fileID: 1834266106}
  m_Layer: 0
  m_Name: Main Camera
  m_TagString: MainCamera
  m_Icon: {fileID: 0}
  m_NavMeshLayer: 0
  m_StaticEditorFlags: 0
  m_IsActive: 1
--- !u!81 &1834266100
--- !u!114 &1834266105
  m_ObjectHideFlags: 0
  m_PrefabParentObject: {fileID: 0}
  m_PrefabInternal: {fileID: 0}
  m_GameObject: {fileID: 1834266099}
  m_Enabled: 1
  m_EditorHideFlags: 0
  m_Script: {fileID: 11500000, guid: ff26db721962cdf4a8edcdfa9a767d2a, type: 3}
  profile: {fileID: 11400000, guid: b7a430b0531a4cc44b388f7e3bf10d06, type: 2}
--- !u!114 &1834266106

As you can see, the name of the object along with its properties are stored here. The GUID of the MonoBehaviour script is given which can easily be cross-referenced with the meta files of the C# scripts to determine which script this GUID refers to. Alternatively, you can try to resolve the path to the asset from the GUID using the AssetDatabase.GUIDToAssetPath method.

  • Nice! Now I can find all public fields in the text scene file. My scripts are missing because of GUID change after an awful plugin upgrade. – landings Sep 30 '19 at 3:11
  • How do you cross-reference the meta files to quickly find one that contains the GUID? – Jorge Luque Jun 26 '20 at 15:21

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