I'm going to use redis cache where key is a clojure map (serialized into bytes by nippy).

Can i use hash of the clojure map as a key in redis cache?

Another words, does clojure map hash depends only on data structure value and does not depend on any memory allocation.


I navigated through code and found out IHashEq interface which is implemented by clojure data structures.
In the result, IHashEq impl ends with calling of Object.hashCode which has following contract:

Whenever it is invoked on the same object more than once during an execution of a Java application, the {@code hashCode} method must consistently return the same integer, provided no information used in {@code equals} comparisons on the object is modified.
This integer need not remain consistent from one execution of an application to another execution of the same application.

Well, just want to clarify that i cannot use hash as id persistent in other process because:

  • two equal values give two equal hash codes, but not vice verse. So there is a chance of collision
  • there is no guarantee that clojure map hash will be the same for the the same values in different jvm processes

Please, confirm.


Re your two points:

  • Two equal values will yield the same hash code, but two unequal values may also give the same hash code. So the chance of collision makes this a bad choice of key.

  • Different JVM's should generate the same hashcode for a given value, given the same version of Java & Clojure (& very probably for different versions, although this is not guarenteed).


You can use secure hash library (like this one) to address your concerns (like in blockchain). Albeit you have to pay for its performance penalty.

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