I want to do something like this: (the code is in java)

Pair[] pairs = new Pair[1];

I want to convert this code to kotlin, the problem is I don't know how to initialize this array. This is the code I have:

val prof_intent = Intent(this, NewObjectiveActivity::class.java)
    val pairs = arrayOf(1)
    pairs[0] = Pair<View, String>(fabNewObjective, "activity_trans")

    val options = ActivityOptions.makeSceneTransitionAnimation(this, pairs)
    startActivity(prof_intent, options.toBundle())
  • val pairs = arrayOf(Pair<View, String>(fabNewObjective, "activity_trans")) – CommonsWare Sep 29 '19 at 12:05
  • I tried that, but in the line val options = ActivityOptions.makeSceneTransitionAnimation(this, pairs) it gives me this error "Types mismatch. Required: android.util.Pair<View!,String!>! ; Found: Array<kotlin.Pair<View, String>>" – André Silva Sep 29 '19 at 12:08
  • 1
    makeSceneTransitionAnimation() does not take an Array<Pair>. It takes a varargs of Pair. Since you only have one Pair, just pass the Pair to makeSceneTransitionAnimation() and remove the arrayOf() part. Or, try passing *pairs to use the "splat operator" to expand the array into arguments. – CommonsWare Sep 29 '19 at 12:19

First Solution:

You can define an array list of pairs as you had in your java code in this way:

val pairList = ArrayList<Pair<String, Int>>()

Then you can define your variable and add it to your list:

val pair = Pair("hi", 12)

Second Solution:

var pairs = arrayOf(Pair("hi", 12), Pair("bye", 13))

Third Solution:

pairs = arrayOf("hi" to 12, "bye" to 13)
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    or... arrayOf("hi" to 12) – kocka Sep 30 '19 at 20:06

Just pass the pairs in the method indicating each pairs with their index number.

The method makeSceneTransitionAnimation(Activity activity, Pair<View, String>... sharedElements) in the ActivityOptions class requires an activity as the first parameter and could have as many pairs as possible as the following parameter.

See the code below for a better understanding:

val pair = listOf<Pair<View, String>>(
             Pair<View, String>(img, "image_shared"),
             Pair<View, String>(txtview, "text_shared"),
             Pair<View, String>(imgView, "image_view_shared")

         val options: ActivityOptions = ActivityOptions.makeSceneTransitionAnimation(this, pair[0], pair[1], pair[2])
         Intent(this, SharedElementActivity::class.java).also {
             startActivity(it, options.toBundle())
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