I am having a very weird issue with StackExchange.Redis to connect with Redis.

I have enabled SSL on Redis database and I am not able to connect from client to Redis server with SSL certificate with below code.

  static RedisConnectionFactory()
                string connectionString = "rediscluster:13184";
                var options = ConfigurationOptions.Parse(connectionString);
                options.Password = "PASSWORD";
                options.AllowAdmin = true;
                options.AbortOnConnectFail = false;
                options.Ssl = true;
                options.SslHost = "HOSTNAME";
                var certificate = GetCertificateFromThubprint();
                options.CertificateSelection += delegate
                    return certificate;

                Connection = new Lazy<ConnectionMultiplexer>(
               () => ConnectionMultiplexer.Connect(options)
            catch (Exception ex)
                throw new Exception("Unable to connect to Cache Server " + ex);


        public static ConnectionMultiplexer GetConnection() => Connection.Value;

        public static IEnumerable<RedisKey> GetCacheKeys()

            return GetConnection().GetServer("rediscluster", 13184).Keys();

        // Find certificate based on Thumbprint
        private static X509Certificate2 GetCertificateFromThubprint()
  // Find certificate from "certificate store" based on thumbprint and return
StoreName CertStoreName = StoreName.Root;
            string PFXThumbPrint = "NUMBER";
            X509Store certLocalMachineStore = new X509Store(CertStoreName, StoreLocation.LocalMachine);
            X509Certificate2Collection certLocalMachineCollection = certLocalMachineStore.Certificates.Find(
                                       X509FindType.FindByThumbprint, PFXThumbPrint, true);
 return certLocalMachineCollection[0];

However, If I create a console application and connect to Redis with above code then I am able to connect, but If I used same code from my web application to connect to redis then I am not able to connect.

Not sure if I am missing something.

Also, I went through "mgravell" post

In that post he has configured "CertificateValidation" method, In my scenario I want Redis to validate SSL certificate. so I have not implementation validation. And implemented "CertificateSelection" method to provide client certificate.


You can try to validate the cert using CertificateValidation. I tried the following code and it worked for me:

options.CertificateValidation += ValidateServerCertificate;


public static bool ValidateServerCertificate(
        object sender,
        X509Certificate certificate,
        X509Chain chain,
        SslPolicyErrors sslPolicyErrors)
        if (sslPolicyErrors == SslPolicyErrors.None)
            return true;

        Console.WriteLine("Certificate error: {0}", sslPolicyErrors);

        return false;

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