I am new to Hotchocolate GraphQL framework and trying to create small solution just to see and understand how it works and what are the capabilities of the framework. I don't quite understand how to use this framework with EF core DbContext and how to register the dependencies in startup.cs class.

If anyone had the same problem or can explain how to do this in proper way, it will be great and thanks in advance.

Check out the code

GRaphQL-Hotchocolate framework throwing an exeption when trying to create schema. Exeption Image


there were quite a view issues...

I have fixed them and the project runs now: https://github.com/haris-begluk/Graphql-Hotchocolate-proj/pull/1

playground runs under http://localhost:[port]/graphql/playground.

Have fun with this.

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  • Can you please share with us those issues? I have a similar error and cannot find the problem causing it. – George Mavritsakis Aug 22 at 8:32

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