Clicking on a button and loading around 1200 thumbnails from disk to a fmx listview on Windows 10. Plan to use on Windows, Android and maybe Apple platforms. Upon closing the app, Unexpected Memory Leak error occurs. I have tried many different iterations of the code but each results in the same error. Guidance on what I am doing wrong with freeing the bitmaps would be greatly appreciated.

I have tried using FreeAndNil for both thumbbit and tbit2 in many different places. I have also tried .DisposeOf, .Free and :=nil.

for i:=0 to ListView.Items.Count -1 do
      ThumbBit := TBitmap.Create(0,0);
      tbit2 :=  TBitmap.Create(0,0);
      aitem := ListView.items.AppearanceItem[i];
      draw2 := ListView.Items.Item[i].View.FindDrawable('thumbpath');
      thumbpath:= draw2.Data.ToString;
      LThumb := (AItem.Objects.FindDrawable('imagethumb') as TListItemImage);
          ThumbBit.LoadThumbnailFromFile(thumbpath, 60, 90, true);

Application works fine but results in the error 'Unexpected Memory Leak error occurs' when closing the application on windows. I have not tested this on other platforms.

Error message:


  • Why are you using 2 TBitmap objects when 1 object will suffice? Get rid of Tbit2 and assign ThumbBit to LThumb – Remy Lebeau Oct 1 at 3:03
  • Isnt LThumb the one that is leaking? That is at least the first thing that comes to mind for me – Teun Pronk Oct 1 at 7:17
  • Not related, but you should also protect BeginUpdate and EndUpdate with a try..finally block. And ThumbBit := TBitmap.Create(0,0); must be before its associated try -- otherwise, if ThumbBit is a local variable, you will do Free on a random pointer if the constructor fails! And the try protecting tbit2 is too far down -- it should be immediately after the construction. And so on... – Andreas Rejbrand Oct 1 at 21:12
  • @TeunPronk Why would LThumb "leak"? It's a reference to an object managed by the TListView – Dave Nottage Oct 1 at 21:55
  • @AndreasRejbrand Thank you for your suggestions. Begin&End update are protected w/ try..finally, it is just not shown in the posted code.Thumbit was originally before the associated try. It was moved with testing. Moved it back. I moved tbit2 back also. Any suggestions on the proper way to free the resources for Tbitmap since they are not releasing properly? Or could Listview not be releasing them? – scr Oct 2 at 13:44

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