I don't know why my magento is not working any more

when I hit "http://localhost.host/amuni/admin" it says

Oops! This link appears to be broken. but frontend working fine please tell me what should I do.

What is the correct URL?


Try like this: http://localhost.host/amuni/index.php/admin

Note that "index.php" is added before "admin".

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    Just wanted to add the reason for accessing it through index.php is rewrites isn't enabled or supported by your server. – B00MER Apr 28 '11 at 18:48

/index.php/admin is one solution, but there are others

Although the above URL has worked for the original poster, it's not going to work for everybody. The Magento Admin Url is based on a custom value that is set during the installation. The url can also be changed at any time.

Here's how to find out what your admin url is:

If the above solution does not work for you, then you'll need to access your local.xml file which is located in the /app/etc directory. Once you've opened that file, scroll to the bottom, around line 80 I think. You should see a tag called < frontEnd >. It's inside of this tag that your custom Magento Admin Url is located.

enter image description here

The source for this solution was found here, finding your magento admin login.

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