I am running a ct test and my setup is failing, and thus the test suite is skipped. *** FAILED {test_suite_name_here_SUITE,init_per_suite} *** My question is how to debug the run of the test suite? And secondly how to get verbose output from the test run which tells me what went wrong.


You can try to use ct:comment("Output some variable when success ~p", [SomeVar]) and ct:fail("Output some variable when fail ~p", [SomeVar]) - this should helpful for output for success and fail cases. But some time you cannot do it, by reason that something wrong with template of tests, so in this case you need investigate the template what you try to use, for more info you can take a look to awesome online book where you can get a lot of info about Common Tests and not only.

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    You can also use ct:pal and ct:log. Those, in case the test fails, will print the output either to the console (pal) or the log files (log). – Brujo Benavides Oct 2 at 14:33
  • Yep, many thanks. – Viacheslav Oct 2 at 19:04

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