I have sub Dataset that include a calculated variable that I want to show in the report. But when dragging and dropping this variable into the report the following message appears:

You drop an object from a subdataset to the report, this is not possible.

How to overcome that?

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There is a solution which is already posted at - Solution-1

However, I am posting a set of screenshots to demonstrate the same from UI -

  1. Define var in the main data set - enter image description here Note - Calculation should be set to System
  2. Define another variable in the sub data set - enter image description here
  3. Select the sub data set element ( it is a table in the example) and create Return Values mapping - enter image description here
  4. In the report, drag and drop variable defined in the main data set and ensure the evaluation is set to Report - enter image description here

And that should do it!!

  • Thank you but as you can see the question is old and I am no longer can validate if this will solve the problem, still this maybe helpful for new comers. Apr 3, 2020 at 15:33

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