I need a list of names (keys) of Windows services. Windows 10 introduced a concept of per-user services that creates new service instances with LUID (Locally Unique IDs) attached to their names. I need to ignore these instances, but resulting list should contain templates for them.

For example if there is running service ContactData_443f50 I need to have ContactData listed in output (without LUID and duplication for multiple users logged in)

I've already used WMI query select * from Win32_Service to look up service names, but the list contains instances of per-user services and does not contain templates for them.

I've also run sc.exe queryex - this list provided me with per-user services clearly marked as such. I would need to parse the output through, and I am not sure about potential localization or future-proof of that solution

I would prefer using WMI for the task.

  • Are you running this on a local machine or remote via WMI? – EylM Oct 10 at 15:06
  • @EylM On local machine – PiotrK Oct 10 at 21:55

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