I am creating a chat bot with Twilio Autopilot that asks for personal information in the beginning and I would like to much later in the chat give back that information back to verify.

According to the Twilio docs the Remember action can be used to store a key-value pair to be returned later. I am, however, unable to find any documentation on how to retrieve the data stored later.

I have attempted to use the event.Memory.[keyName] in a function as well as


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Twilio developer evangelist here.

It's memory.twilio.collected_data.[taskName].answers.[keyName].answer.

Your taskName is set in the Collect Action which may look something like this in the JSON task bin:

    "actions": [
            "collect": {
                "name": [taskName],
                "questions": [

Then, the keyName would be set in the next few lines right below:

                        "question": {
                            "say": "We're sorry we can't chat with you right now to help. What's your first name?"
                        "name": [keyName],
                        "type": "Twilio.FIRST_NAME"

Things saved with the remember action get put at the top level of the memory object.

You can pull it out with the following:


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