I'm getting an error in my code saying that my case when part of the query has to be an aggregate expression or appear in GROUP BY clause

the code that I currently have is:

when advertiser_currency
like 'GBP' then sum(try_Cast(revenue_adv_currency AS DOUBLE)*1.15)
else sum(TRY_CAST(revenue_adv_currency AS DOUBLE)*1)
end AS amount_spent_EUR

How can I make this into an aggregate function?

thank you!


You put the case inside the aggregation

 SUM ( case when advertiser_currency like 'GBP' 
            then try_Cast(revenue_adv_currency AS DOUBLE) * 1.15
            else try_Cast(revenue_adv_currency AS DOUBLE) * 1.0
     ) AS amount_spent_EUR
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