I want to be able to yield results from a set of tasks run by gather as they come in for further processing.

# Not real code, but an example

async for response in asyncio.gather(*[aiohttp.get(url) for url in ['https://www.google.com', 'https://www.amazon.com']]):
    await process_response(response)

At present, I can use the gather method to run all get concurrently, but must wait until they're all complete to process them. I'm still new to Python async/await, so maybe there's some obvious way of doing this I'm missing.

# What I can do now
responses = await asyncio.gather(*[aiohttp.get(url) for url in ['https://www.google.com', 'https://www.amazon.com']])
await asyncio.gather(*[process_response(response) for response in responses])


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gather as you already noted will wait until all coroutines are done, thus you need to find another way.

For example you can use function asyncio.as_completed that seems to do exactly what you want.

import asyncio

async def echo(t):
    await asyncio.sleep(t)
    return t

async def main():
    coros = [

    for first_completed in asyncio.as_completed(coros):
        res = await first_completed
        print(f'Done {res}')



Done 1
Done 2
Done 3
[Finished in 3 sec]
  • Yes, this seems to be what I want, thanks. I noticed that for many cases, the difference between as_completed and gather can be pretty thin and sometimes gather has the upper hand. That was an unexpected result, and worth noting. Oct 3, 2019 at 23:05
  • @AlejandroWainzinger the difference between as_completed and gather can be pretty thin That should be the case only if the coroutines take similar times to run. If there is considerable difference among the coroutines' run times, as_completed should produce the results of the faster ones much sooner than gather, which always waits for them all before returning anything. Oct 6, 2019 at 8:56

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