I am exploring the ASPBoilerplate framework and what interests me more is its real time notification capability. However, I am having this error.

Here is my Notification publisher class:

public class Publisher : Hub, ITransientDependency 
    private readonly INotificationPublisher _notificationPublisher;

    public Publisher(INotificationPublisher notificationPublisher)
        _notificationPublisher = notificationPublisher;       

    //Send a general notification to all subscribed users in current tenant (tenant in the session)
    public async Task Publish_Announcement(string announcementMessage)
        //Example "LowDiskWarningMessage" content for English -> "Attention! Only {remainingDiskInMb} MBs left on the disk!"
        var data = new MessageNotificationData(announcementMessage);

        await _notificationPublisher.PublishAsync("abp.notifications.received", data, severity: NotificationSeverity.Info);


And I am testing if it will notify all online users whenever a new user was created.

    public override async Task<UserDto> Create(CreateUserDto input)

        var user = ObjectMapper.Map<User>(input);

        user.TenantId = AbpSession.TenantId;
        user.IsEmailConfirmed = true;

        await _userManager.InitializeOptionsAsync(AbpSession.TenantId);

        CheckErrors(await _userManager.CreateAsync(user, input.Password));

        if (input.RoleNames != null)
            CheckErrors(await _userManager.SetRoles(user, input.RoleNames));


       //I cannot call the publisher class since it has dependencies in its contructor.
        new Publisher().Publish_Announcement("Hi");

        return MapToEntityDto(user);

Or am I just doing it wrong? Please help. Thanks!

  • you need to inject Publisher. don't create it manually – Alper Ebicoglu Oct 16 at 17:31

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