I have a list of projects:

  • diagnostics-nodejs
  • documentdb-client-nodeJS
  • gherkin-runner-nodejs
  • openid-client-nodejs-useless
  • azure-blob-storage-client-nodejs
  • azure-sql-client-nodejs
  • CPNodeJS
  • appmon-oneagent-linux-nodejs-useless
  • kafkaConsumerProducerBench
  • sample-publish-kafka-nodeJS
  • starter-kit-nestjs

And I need to add them to my portfolio in SonarQube 6.7 using Regex ( as it's displayed below )

Onar add project Regex

I'm using this regex: .*nodejs This only adds projects ending with nodejs but the rest is not added ( documentdb-client-nodeJS , CPNodeJS, kafkaConsumerProducerBench , nestjs).

Any ideas please on a regex to add all the projects.


I don't have admin access to the sonarQube. I can't access Sonar config nor install new plugins. I can only edit the regex to add my projects!

  • Important! I just figured out that regex in SonarQube are based on Javascript regex. Not only that But it also doesn't accept flags ( like i, g ...) So all the answers below are incorrect – Melchia Oct 5 '19 at 13:59

To match all put


The regex engine is case sensitive. You need to specify without case sensitivity. You also have a file that doesn't contain the string nodejs but has nestjs. The below will capture both


You can try to use the case insensitive options (?i)nodejs. and then add the other 2 projects that are left.


Here's a Demo

  • 1
    it is enough to specify (?i) only once, on the beginning of regex. Anyhow, good answer – Nino Oct 3 '19 at 9:15

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