I have a page that refreshes a div content using jQuery AJAX every 10 seconds.

I want to pass a script with the same content retrieved with AJAX to force the entire page to reload whenever I make changes to some CSS/JS of that page.

The page is open all day at the office to 40 agents. I don't want to tell them every time to reload the page.

success: function (data) {



How to safely pass executable JS or a refresh meta tag with data


You can use below JS function to reload div :

<div id='data'></div>

In JS :

setTimeout(function () { CallAjax() }, 2000);

CallAjax Function :

        type: 'get',
        dataType: 'json',
        async: true,
        url: 'url',
        data: {  },
        success: function (data) {
        error: function () {

  • Sorry you didn't get the point. The code is already functional and it refreshes the content every 10 seconds. The point is how to pass a page reload code within "data" (which is the callback from the url called with AJAX) – medk Oct 3 '19 at 10:31
  • Can't you add window.reload(); in returned "data(html)" while DOM ready($(document).ready(function(){ window.reload()})) ? – Tushar Galiya Oct 3 '19 at 11:09

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