I managed to adapt some code to unzip many files. However, when unzipping, files with the same name appear to be replaced.

In my working directory, I have .zip files. I created a new folder in that directory called unzip, in which I unzipped the files.

dir.create(paste0(path, "/unzip/"))

ldply(.data = list.files(path = path, pattern = ".zip", full.names = T), .fun = unzip, exdir = paste0(path, "/unzip"), overwrite = FALSE)

As each of the .zip file has the same architecture, files will get replaced. My question: 1) Is there a way to specify that each file should be renamed if double? 2) Other way round would be to specify that in the unzip folder, for each .zip file, a new folder would be created in which the corresponding file is unzipped.


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As the plyr package is deprecated, I will be using purrr::walk() instead. I'm loading the entire tidyverse since stringr::str_c() is also used. In the following code, "zip_files"is the directory containing the zip-files and "zip_out" is the folder where the files are extracted to, both being in the working directory. The latter contains a folder for each zip file. Folders do not need to be created beforehand, as unzip() takes care of that for us.


file_names <- list.files("zip_files")
walk(file_names, ~ unzip(zipfile = str_c("zip_files/", .x), 
                         exdir = str_c("zip_out/", .x)))
  • Thank you, that worked perfectly. Indeed walk() is very convenient in this case! Thanks for opening my eyes! Commented Oct 3, 2019 at 12:03

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