I'm using an OpenQuery in SQL Server 2014 to retrieve data from Progress.

This is my query:

FROM OPENQUERY(PRG, 'SELECT "cde","dsc" FROM tblCodes') 

And it retrieves data like this:

cde     dsc
===     =====
one     test
one     another
one     value
two     goes
two     here
two     also
three   example

However, I need to have results look like this:

cde     dsc
===     =====
one     test
two     goes
three   example

How do I do this in an OpenQuery?


In your open query your query should be like below and I recommend you to have the cde column as a numeric ID :

 WITH CTE AS (select cde,dsc,
    row_number() over(
                        partition by cde
                        order by cde
                    ) as rn

from tblCodes 
select cde,dsc from CTE 
where rn =1

Check the execution here : sqlfiddle

  • this works. FYI: The cde is a string field, not numeric – Michael Oct 3 '19 at 11:51

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