I am trying to write unit tests for SwiftUI views but finding zero resources on the web for how to go about that.

I have a view like the following

struct Page: View {
@EnvironmentObject var service: Service

var body: some View {
    NavigationView {
        ScrollView(.vertical) {
            VStack {
                Text("Some text"))

                Spacer(minLength: 100)

I started writing a test like this

func testPage() {
    let page = Page().environmentObject(Service())
    let body = page.body
    XCTAssertNotNil(body, "Did not find body")

But then how do I get the views inside the body? How do I test their properties? Any help is appreciated.

Update: As a matter of fact even this doesn't work. I am getting the following runtime exception

Thread 1: Fatal error: body() should not be called on  ModifiedContent<Page,_EnvironmentKeyWritingModifier<Optional<Service>>>.
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    I really don't think SwiftUI was designed to be unit tested like that. I would go with UI testing for testing the UI. – rraphael Oct 4 at 15:06
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    When testing UI, e2e/integrations are almost always preferred over unit tests. When you try to write unit tests, you actually end up testing the UI library itself or you end up duplicating the actual code in tests. I something is testable, it can be usually removed from UI to the business layer and tested separately. Swift UI defines layout. Trying to unit test Swift UI is like trying to unit test a xib or a CSS file. The best uni test you can do is a snapshot test. – Sulthan Oct 4 at 20:18
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    Snapshots are great for layout, but SwiftUI is layout + behavior. – Jon Reid Oct 11 at 17:50

There is a framework created specifically for the purpose of runtime inspection and unit testing of SwiftUI views: ViewInspector

So the test for your view would look like this:

func testPage() throws {
   let page = try Page().inspect(Service())
   let string = try page.navigationView.scrollView.vStack.text(0).string()
   XCTAssertEqual(string, "Some text")

Update: Let's all try using the ViewInspector library by nalexn!

Original reply:

Until Apple

a) designs testability into SwiftUI, and

b) exposes this testability to us,

we're screwed, and will have to use UI Testing in place of unit testing… in a complete inversion of the Testing Pyramid.

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