I'm building an extension for VsCode that adds in some text to the line after the editor.active.selection but I can't figure out how to get the indentation to match that of the previous line and insert the text to the new line.

I have now tried the following (code below) but the second builder.insert function never seems to target the correct line, it's as if it doesn't know the first builder.insert has created a new line already.

const endOfSelectedLine = editor.document.lineAt(activeSelection.line).range.end;
const indentValue = editor.document.lineAt(activeSelection.line).firstNonWhitespaceCharacterIndex;
const insertPosition = activeSelection.with(activeSelection.line + 1, indentValue);

editor.edit(builder => {
    builder.insert(endOfSelectedLine, '\n');
    builder.insert(insertPosition, 'hello');


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