I had manually compiled opencv ver3.2 library on mac system, which had been working fine till now. Recently it seems that i had updated the version for ffmpeg, which is managed by brew package manager, leading to breakage of opencv library looking for libavcodec.57.dylib.

Upon looking into library path, i found that libavcodec.dylib is symlinked to libavcodec.58.dylib, which is the most probable cause to above problem.

Now i have two options,
-Recompile opencv to link against the latest version of libavcodec
-Revert the version of libavcodec to 57

I am looking for a solution in which opencv works independently of the version of libavcodec and should dynamically link with current installed version of library. I should only be recompiling opencv when it is essentially required, like change in API of libavcodec.

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