I want to customize django admin change_list_result row content, so i guess override related to change_list_result function.

And I found to konw call display_for_field via items_for_result in django.contrib.admin.templatetags.admin_list. admin_list.py

I put following code to the manage.py, but doesn't work.

from django.contrib.admin.utils import display_for_field
from warehouse.monkey_patching import _display_for_field_mod

display_for_field = _display_for_field_mod

Here you override the local variable dispaly_for_field. If you want to override it, you need to set the attribute of the module:

from django.contrib.admin import utils
from warehouse.monkey_patching import _display_for_field_mod

utils.display_for_field = _display_for_field_mod

As you probably already know, you must make sure that you monkey patch the function before other modules import it, since otherwise, these will obtain a reference to the "old" function. You thus probably should import this as (one of the) first lines in your manage.py file.

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  • Because here we alter the function in the module, not the local identifier. – Willem Van Onsem Oct 6 '19 at 13:49

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