If I upgrade nodejs version on a server which brings some new changes due to which:

  • a npm package which is used in the process with its current version, is now giving some error and server is down.
  • And that npm module can take days to get compatible with this node latest version.

In the meantime what should I do to up the server, I don't have time to remove the module and all of its functions used.

This is more of a generic question and not specific to any npm module.

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    You can have look at NVM that can manage node version switching for the system (server). – ambianBeing Oct 6 at 17:09
  • Can you post the error...? This also might help (and expands on Ambian's comment) stackoverflow.com/questions/36976145/… – Devnetics Oct 6 at 17:30
  • @Devnetics thanks for the link, but there is no such specific error or module that I can mention, I know this is hard to understand without knowing the actual error but I am actually looking for an approach that can handle this kind of situation :) – rohit Oct 6 at 17:56

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