I would like to create fade in/ fade out effects to values other than 100% of volume and 0% of volume. How do I do that?


To create a afade filter string to pass to ffmpeg this helper function can be used:

def create_afade_arg(is_in, start, end, fade_to_percent):
    d = 100*(end-start)/(100-fade_to_percent)

    cmd = [f"afade=enable='between(t,{str(start)},{str(end)})':t="]

    if is_in:
        start = end - d


    return ''.join(cmd)

You can then use it in "-filter_complex" for example, like this:

fade_t = 2 # duration of fade in seconds
fade_to_percent = 10 # target percent of volume to fade to

afade_arg = create_afade_arg( True, pos, pos+fade_t, fade_to_percent)
afade_str = ','.join(afade_arg)

... and passed to ffmpeg like this:

exit_code = subprocess.call(["ffmpeg", "-i", "input.mp3", "-filter_complex", "[in]" + afade_str + "[out]" ,"-map", "[out]", "out.mp3"])

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