A year ago I published a Visual Studio Code extension with vsce. I wish to publish an update, but lost the old token. I created a new one, but have not been able to find the right combination of permissions to republish.

Without supplying a new token, I get:

> vsce publish ERROR Failed request: (401)

Using the new token with Full access scope on All accessible organizations or with the documented Marketplace scopes, I get:

> vsce publish -p newtoken ERROR Access Denied: xxx needs the following permission(s) on the resource /aaa/bbb to perform this action: Make changes to, share, or view certificate of an existing extension

What have I missed in setting up permissions to republish?


Arg. I should have known once I took the time to post a question I'd figure out the problem. Back story: After adopting Azure AD, there was great confusion among developers here between Office 365 accounts and Microsoft accounts--because we had been advised to use the same email address for both.

Long story short, the problem was I was attempting to publish using a token from my Office 365 account, when the extension was originally published under my Microsoft account. It was long enough ago that I didn't remember that. I also gave my O365 account access to the organization owned by my Microsoft account, so I could conveniently access various resources with either one.

I created a new token under my Microsoft account, and boom, publish succeeded.

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