I'm building my portfolio and I would like to show some code-snippets within my paragraphs. Unfortunately, the code gets displayed without any line breaks and it just looks very unprofessional.

I am using the rich-text-react-renderer and I tried to add the option below to convert "/n" into br-tags (documentation). I am assuming it might not work because code is not really text? Any input is much appreciated!

const options = {
        renderNode: {
            "embedded-asset-block": (node) => {
                const alt = node.data.target.fields.title["en-US"]
                const url = node.data.target.fields.file['en-US'].url
                return <img alt={alt} src={url}/>
        renderText: text => { return text.split('/n').reduce((children, textSegment, index) => {
            return [...children, index > 0 && <br key={index}/>, textSegment];

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