I am getting the error 'StreamingModel' is not convertible to 'T.EAModel' in the following code snippet. Can someone help me understand the error.

public struct GraphViewsMainSUI<T> : View where T: GraphViewRepresentableProtocol {

    @ObservedObject public var graphToggle: GraphToggle
    @ObservedObject public var model: StreamingModel

    public var body: some View {
        HStack {
            VStack {
                Text("Select Graphs").font(.headline)
                    GraphChecksSUI(toggleSets: $graphToggle.toggleSets)
            }.padding(.trailing, 35)
            T(model: model, toggleSets: $graphToggle.toggleSets)   <<<< COMPILE ERROR HERE
        }.frame(minWidth: 860, idealWidth: 860, maxWidth: .infinity, minHeight: 450, idealHeight: 450, maxHeight: .infinity).padding()

public protocol GraphViewRepresentableProtocol: NSViewRepresentable  {

    associatedtype EAModel

    init(model: EAModel, toggleSets: Binding<[GraphToggleSet]>)


The struct that I am using for the type T that conforms to GraphViewRepresentable is the following.

public struct GraphViewRepresentable: NSViewRepresentable, GraphViewRepresentableProtocol {    

    public var model: StreamingModel
    @Binding public var toggleSets: [GraphToggleSet]

    public init(model: StreamingModel, toggleSets: Binding<[GraphToggleSet]>) {
        self.model = model
        self._toggleSets = toggleSets

In the protocol, the associatedtype has not restrictions, so I don not understand why the compiler is not setting the EAModel type to StreamingModel.



T(model: model, toggleSets: $graphToggle.toggleSets)

You are assuming that whatever T is, has an associated type EAModel == StreamingModel, which is not necessarily true. I could pass in a type like this:

struct Foo : GraphViewRepresentableProtocol {
    typealias EAType = Int
    init(model: EAModel, toggleSets: Binding<[GraphToggleSet]>) { }

And your code would break.

You probably need to constrain T further to the set of types that has EAModel == StreamingModel:

public struct GraphViewsMainSUI<T> : View where T: GraphViewRepresentableProtocol, T.EAModel == StreamingModel {
  • What I am trying to achieve is a generic implementation where I don't have to specify the type StreamingModel, but rather a protocol (SomeProtocol) that StreamingModel or another 'Model' conforms to. I tried to constrain the GraphViewProtocol protocol to add those 'associatedtype: EAModel: SomeProtocol' and 'public var model: EAModel' but that didn't work either. – G J Oct 8 at 14:06
  • @GJ if I understand you properly, you might just need to change StreamingModel to T.EAModel. – Sweeper Oct 8 at 14:08
  • Oh right. Duh. That fixed it. Thank you so much! – G J Oct 8 at 14:20

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